Pharma Serialization & Why is it Important?

Pharma Serialization

Pharma serialization is a process of unique identification of medicinal products. It is a standard that helps to identify the product and its history. It was introduced by the European Union in 2005 in order to help prevent counterfeiting, diversion, and accidental mix-ups. All pharmaceuticals manufactured or imported into the EU must be serialized with a unique identifier, which is recorded in the eudra-web database and on a physical label affixed to each package.

What are the Advantages of Pharma Serialization?

Pharma serialization is a process of identifying and tracking pharmaceutical products during the manufacturing process. It is also known as product labeling. This process has many advantages, which I will be discussing in this article.

The first advantage of pharma serialization is that it helps to reduce the risk of counterfeiting and theft. This is done by using a unique identifier on each product which can be scanned and validated by scanning software to verify its authenticity.

Second, it helps with regulatory compliance by ensuring that all applicable laws are being followed at all times. The third advantage is that it reduces the risk of drug shortages if a recall has to happen due to some issue with a batch or product line.

Fourth, it helps prevent medication errors from happening which can lead to death if not treated properly due to not having the correct information on hand about the drug being prescribed or taken. More about pharma serialization you can read here.

How to Get Started with Pharma Serializaton?

In order to get started with pharma serialization, one needs to identify all the different types of products that will be included in the serialization process. This includes not only finished products, but also raw materials and packaging components. The next step is to define how these items will be tracked throughout their entire life cycle. Finally, it’s necessary to create a data management system that will allow for easy access to this information by authorized personnel.