Can I Protect My Brand and Products from Counterfeit?

How can I protect my brand and product from counterfeiting

Brand and product counterfeiting is a crucial criminal activity that is happening worldwide. A hard-working company with original ideas and products is threatened in this way. Fraudsters create similar products using low-cost materials and sell them at a lower cost.

The good news is that there are numerous ways to do your brand protection with the advanced technology we have today. All you need is to consult the relevant personnel to help you out.

This article explains why and how brand and product protection is necessary for your company name and success.

Why do you need brand protection?

If you fail to protect your brand, especially in a large-scale manufacturing industry like the automobile industry, you will face serious consequences such as:

  • Sales drop

People always get enticed by the low prices of products. What will prevent someone from purchasing a product that looks similar to yours at a low cost? This results in a decrease in sales, which can be discouraging.

Only you are aware of your product’s uniqueness. Your customers are unaware, thus, you need to make them aware through brand protection.

  • Lost faith by your customers.

Customers are always informed about counterfeit products eventually. It will only take a few people to complain about the products’ durability and effectiveness. Even if the customer purchased an original product from your company, this could lead to a false impression.

When customers lose faith in your products, they stop purchasing them.

  • Expensive processes

Trying to sort out counterfeit issues wastes time, money, and resources. If you handle counterfeit issues the old way, you may not be fully aware of many counterfeit companies. 

Before a counterfeit company is shut down, it takes a long time, and sometimes the company is never shut down.

Brand protection solutions and software

A variety of solutions and software are available to protect your brands. Ensure you go through the brand protection process before releasing your product to the public.

Several multinational and local protection services are available to ensure you don’t go through counterfeiting stress. They protect your product from illegal retail trade and trademark infringement.


Large companies’ brand protection ( activities are handled by multinational protection services, whereas small businesses can seek advice from small local legal firms in their area. The brand and product protection goal is to ensure that you retain a positive trend in your sales and revenue by retaining your customers.